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Dry Sensitive Skin

Kristin E.

My skin has always been very sensitive and easily irritated and dried out. Every winter without fail, I knew I would have scaly patches on my forehead and nose, and I was constantly seeking the right foundation to hide my flaking, red face, and I was very disheartened. It’s embarrassing and frustrating not being able to hide your face on days your skin freaks out. For me, those days heavily outweighed the good skin days, and I hated caking on foundation every morning, only to …

Dry Sensitive Skin


I had had clear skin my whole life. I started college in 2016, and my skin went downhill after my first week. I’m not really sure what caused it, but I had tiny blackheads all over my forehead, huge pores, whiteheads, and even started to get cystic acne. My face would also go through weird oily and dry phases, so it was hard for me to pinpoint exactly what skin type I had. I was so ashamed of my skin that I couldn’t leave the …

Dry Sensitive Skin


I have always suffered from dry skin. For years I was constantly on the lookout for something that would help my dryness. My skin felt tight and dry, and my complexion had an uneven tone. I tried face masks and all kinds of moisturizers. After graduating college and starting work I just couldn’t deal with my dryness. Luckily, I heard about NXN Beauty through a blogger I follow on Instagram. What really made me want to try it was the clean ingredients used in their …