Acne Prone Skin

Haile P.

I have experienced acne since I was in the 8th grade, and have gone to dermatologists ever since. While my prescription medication helped a little, there was still always inflammation or live outbreaks. So I was always willing to try the newest thing. I experimented with natural products like tea tree oil and witch hazel but didn’t see the results I was looking for. I didn’t wear skin makeup often because it would cause more breakouts, but I was insecure of my acne so I tried to avoid unflattering lighting and didn’t like pictures of my face (especially with flash). I first discovered NxN beauty through an instagrammer I followed in July of 2018. She had a promo code that offered the acne edit system for $1. When I saw the promotion for this acne treatment kit for only $1 I had to sign up. This year my skin has been the clearest I’ve remembered in a long time! I get compliments on my glowing skin and my closest friends comment on the improvement of my acne. I also just recently tried a new NxN beauty box with Glow Remedy, Balance Beam moisturizer, and Soft Touch facial cleanser to improve the texture of my skin. It is very convenient to be able to customize my box as well as choose when I want it shipped. Some months I still have product left so I will pause my next shipment until needed. My skin was my biggest insecurity and even before my healing I learned to love it for what it was at, but now that I can see the real improvements, I am more proud than ever! Battling acne is a journey that requires trial and patience. I feel a lot more confident with my entire self now that my facial acne is under more control.