Acne Prone Skin

Debbie K.

I heard about NxN from Nazanin Kavari and Catherine Paiz. This is when I first bought the Acne Kit for 1$. Before using the products, my face was horrible breaking out for the first time in a while. I tried so many different products ranging from masks and antibiotics. Nothing helped my face until using these products consistently. My skin has changed drastically, I usually only get a few breakouts now which I’m very content with. Before using NxN products, I was very embarrassed, upset, and frustrated. To be trying all different products, and nothing working was the most difficult time for me. I would be going to the beach with makeup on my face and my acne would still look horrible. Now that NxN has helped me so much, I feel extremely confident with or without makeup. My favorite part about getting my NxN box is the perfect packaging, I always get so excited when I see it! I will never stop using NxN.