Acne Prone Skin

Noelle R.

Hey my name is Noelle known as noeemakeupxo on IG! I have been using the acne edit system for the past 6 months religiously and it has saved my skin!! So when I hit 21 my hormones went crazy and I randomly broke out with really bad cystic acne on my cheeks. I’ve always been obsessed with skin care but nothing was getting rid of it.. it was just getting worse. I decided to literally throw out every product I was using and just try a whole new skincare routine and that’s when I discovered NxN beauty from Daisy Marquez and Annette_69 on IG and I decided to give it a try! Thank God for that decision because my acne finally started going away. Within a month my active acne was gone and I just had to deal with the pigmentation and acne scars. Now 6 months later I have this glow from within on my skin from these amazing products. Before NxN I was really starting to lose my confidence and was giving up on my skin but it did a complete turn around. My skin even before my cystic acne breakouts was never this soft, smooth and THIS GLOW never existed. There’s are my after pics and it looks like I’m wearing highlighter but I’m not… it’s just NxN working it’s magic. My favorite part about getting the NxN box is knowing that I’m not gonna run out because I really can’t live without it!