Dry Sensitive Skin

Kristin E.

My skin has always been very sensitive and easily irritated and dried out. Every winter without fail, I knew I would have scaly patches on my forehead and nose, and I was constantly seeking the right foundation to hide my flaking, red face, and I was very disheartened. It’s embarrassing and frustrating not being able to hide your face on days your skin freaks out. For me, those days heavily outweighed the good skin days, and I hated caking on foundation every morning, only to have it settle into my dry patches and become clumpy and gross.  I first heard of NXN Beauty from Penny Tovar on Instagram. She was one of big influencers who inspired me to start my hair health journey, and after hearing her talk about the ingredients in NXN products, I knew I needed to give them a try! It was time to stop putting the proverbial bandage on a bullet wound. I needed to fix my SKIN, not find a better foundation. 

I honestly can’t believe the difference in my skin since I started using the NXN Sensitive Skin line. My dry scaly patches are all but gone, and the redness in my face is slowly, but surely becoming less noticeable, because my skin is properly hydrated. I’m also thrilled to have found NXN, because not only is it high quality and super safe for my sensitive skin, it is also extremely affordable, and that cannot be said about the majority of skin care lines that actually work! It speaks volumes to me when a company makes quality products at a price the mass can generally afford, and I love that I can order my products piece by piece as needed, and that I’m not roped into receiving and paying for boxes of products each month that I don’t need. 

I’m now able to confidently leave my house in a thin layer of tinted spf and a dot of concealer, and not think about how I look, because I know my skin is healthy, and that’s a gift that lasts a lifetime!