Oily / Combination Skin

Naara G.

So I heard about NxN beauty from one of my favorite YouTuber Goth Fruits. One of the main reasons why I continued with my NxN beauty journey was bc I started breaking out like crazy. 2018 was not the year for my skin. I started my subscription around August with the oil free kit and I absolutely loved the Balance Beam Oil Control Moisturizer! It never left my face oily like others did. I gradually saw results, my skin became clearer and more toned. Every now and then I’ll get a few pimples. When I do I put on the Power Detox Clear Complexion Mask and do spot treatment and leave it on over night and when I wake up the size of them instantly minimize! NxN beauty truly has changed my skin for the better. One of the things I love about the way their system works is that they are super flexible and you can interchange products each month and edit the about of products you want for your following box. You can also edit the date for your next box if you want it earlier or later.