Oily / Combination Skin

Samantha S.

I first heard about NxN beauty from an AD I seen on my Instagram feed. The NxN products I use are the fresh start foaming cleanser, the power detox clear complexion mask, the balance beam oil control moisturizer,  and the flash matte 2-in-1 primer. Before I started using the products I suffered from really bad acne and my skin was really oily. My skin has cleared up so much more since I’ve started using the products and my skin has been less oily. I’ve noticed my skin more glowy and I’ve noticed that I have less acne breakouts. I was embarrassed of my breakouts and frustrated that I’d get so many. Now that I’ve started using NxN beauty products I feel more confident, I’m carefree and  so much happier, I’m starting to feel way more comfortable without makeup now! My favorite part of getting my NxN beauty box was I was so excited to try them out and see how my skin reacts to the products. I really recommend this box to anyone who suffers really with oily skin and acne breakouts.