Oily / Combination Skin

Kaila C.

I started out with NxN beauty in the summer- using their “Zero Shine” line. I have combination skin that changes with the seasons. My problem areas in the summer tend to be my T-zone area. Now that it’s winter I’ve turned to their “Total Moisture” line. As the cold weather comes my skin starts to get very dry, my face will feel tight and I’ll accumulate dry skin around my nose and chin area. Since using NxN my biggest insecurity about my skin has shown immense amounts of progress. My complexion is naturally very pale, always lighter than the rest of my body and being that I’m so fair- redness, dark spots and blemishes show and stay on my face extremely easily. Whenever I wore no makeup, people would always ask if I was sick because I looked so pale and any little blemish looked so dramatic against my skin, but using NxN has not only cleared my dark spots, but it has evened my skin tone and even keeps the blemishes away! I used to feel like I needed makeup anytime I wanted to feel cute or look put together, but the NxN products leave me feeling so much more comfortable wearing my own skin. I actually feel pretty wearing my natural, bare face! NxN has been so gentle yet effective for me and my favorite part about them is that they focus on making their products CLEAN! They know that what they put in their products is just as important as what they leave out. NxN products contain over 48+ natural ingredients and extracts. I’ve never used a skin care line that is so lightweight, natural/fresh smelling and has been so effective for my skin in so many different ways. Even though I have a busy schedule and I may not be consistent morning and night with their products that doesn’t reverse the work I’ve already done!