Acne Prone Skin

Amanda S.

Hi everyone! I wanted to come on and share my experience with NxN Acne Edit system. I came across NxN skin care products from a beauty influencer that I follow on social media. I had noticed she had acne in similar area like myself (cheeks and chin area) and a couple months went by and I noticed a complete change on her skin. She had mentioned on her Snap chat what she has been using so I went ahead and purchased the Acne Edit system last June. I have struggled with Acne since my sophomore year in high school and I’m 25 now. My skin is a mixture of oily and flaky/dry. Just depends on the weather. Within two weeks after using the Acne Edit System I’ve started to notice a change. My skin wasn’t itchy as before and I noticed my chin clearing up. After a month using the product my husband noticed my skin glowing and told me to keep doing what I’m doing because he noticed a drastic change which made me over the moon excited knowing I could finally feel confident wearing no makeup running a errand. Before using NxN I couldn’t even go to my parents house without makeup because I felt so insecure that they would just stare at my face. Now I feel so good about my skin that a target run makeup free is a breeze! And what not to love about NxN, they are cruelty free and made with clean ingredients. Enjoy!