Acne Prone Skin

​Charlota N.

I heard about NxN by Instagram. The treatment I use is the acne treatment system , I’ve tried so many other acne treatment related products before . Since my teenage years I always had acne problems, breakouts and stuff . I was very insecure about the blemishes on my skin so would just think about covering them with makeup. I wouldn’t go out without foundation it made me so insecure. Now I feel more comfortable on going makeup free and it feels amazing. I still have a few dark spots but thankfully they are improving they are not that noticeable anymore so it’s not a big deal for me. This treatment system definitely just boosted my confidence and I’m thankful. I know a lot of other girls have that same concern or worse than I used to have and I strongly encourage giving NxN acne system a try , it’s worth it. The system is super simple in just 4 steps you have your skin care routine built.