Dry Sensitive Skin


I have always suffered from dry skin. For years I was constantly on the lookout for something that would help my dryness. My skin felt tight and dry, and my complexion had an uneven tone. I tried face masks and all kinds of moisturizers. After graduating college and starting work I just couldn’t deal with my dryness. Luckily, I heard about NXN Beauty through a blogger I follow on Instagram. What really made me want to try it was the clean ingredients used in their products. I figured using clean ingredients was the best way to go to make my skin healthier. Even for a marginal difference I was excited to try the dry skin/ sensitive skin system to help hydrate my skin. If I’m being completely honest, I was not expecting to notice too much of a difference but I was absolutely wrong. I was completely blown away by how the condition and overall health of my skin changed by switching to NXN Beauty! Now my skin feels so soft, my complexion is so much more clear and best of all my skin feels and stays hydrated all throughout the day! Some days I don’t even need makeup! My favorite part about using NXN Beauty is customizing my box each month. It’s so much more convenient than having to go to the store and buy a whole new system when one product runs out. With NXN I’m able to buy each product separately or in a bundle depending on how much I need. I would highly suggest NXN Beauty for anyone looking to improve the overall condition of their skin.